Spritual Answers to Life’s Hardest Questions

Invitation to Happiness TV Show

A program inviting you on a journey to true happiness, answering life’s deepest questions such as the meaning of life, life after death, relationships and world peace. Introducing the teachings of Global Visionary Ryuho Okawa. Invitation to Happiness aired in New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Toronto.

Ep 1: The New Resurrection
Master Ryuho Okawa recounts his “death” and “resurrection” and speaks of his mission as a modern-day savior.
Ep 2: What is the Creator?
Revealed here is the Secret of Creation and the very answer to why life and the universe was created.
Ep 3: The Real Exorcist
Evil spirits and devils are real, but you have the power inside you to defeat them and regain peace of mind. Discover how.
Ep 4: The Secret of Insight
What is this ability called “insight” and how can we develop it? Hear also the modern savior’s forecasts for the future.
Ep 5: The Healing Power
Secular education has made us blind to the miracle of life. Wake up to the healing power you have within.
Ep 6: Exploration of the Right Mind
What is the universal teaching that guides and unites all people, beyond ethnic and religious differences?
Ep 7: To the Age of New Prosperity
What is the universal teaching that unites prosperity and faith?
Ep 8: Wake Up! – Calling to Your Soul
Why were you born? What is your mission? What is the purpose of your life?
Ep 1: Meaning of Life's Problem

Why do we encounter problems and obstacles in life? Do they have a purpose or do they happen randomly? Discover the divine will in life.

Ep 2: Spiritual Influences Behind Substance Abuse, Addiction and Domestic Violence in Families

Is there any connection between negative spiritual influences with substance abuse, addiction and domestic violence in the family? Find out the spiritual reasons behind these issues.

Ep 3: How to Achieve True Success

We all chase dreams, goals and success. But what is the true definition of success and how can we achieve it? Find out how to achieve success and peace at the same time.

Ep 4: Conquer Cancer

How can we conquer cancer? Is there a mindset that can conquer cancer and is it attainable for everyone?

Ep 5: Overcoming Religious Conflicts

Religious conflicts are a continued issue that causes major concern and confusion in our world today. What are the fundamental issues and how can we overcome them with peace for all?

Ep 6: Spiritual Truth Behind Abortion, Brain Death & Suicide - What happens to these souls?

What happens to these souls? What happens to the souls of those who go through sudden death through early life termination, such as abortion and suicide? Where do these souls go?

Ep 7: The Mindset to Grow through Both Success and Failure (Invincible Thinking)

What is the mindset to grow through both success and failure and how can we achieve this?

Ep 8: God's Justice

In a world that seems unjust and unfair, how do we know who decides the ultimate justice for humankind?

Ep 1: The Purpose of Life

What if life is like a workbook of problems, and that certain person we just can’t get along with was meant to teach you a vital life lesson, or even the purpose of life?

Ep 2: Happiness Begins with You

We often think of happiness as something to search for. But happiness begins with you, every time, and in every single case.

Ep 3: Building Your Future

Fate and destiny are not set in stone; your future is yours to build. The key to building it is to hold onto your hopes and aspirations for the future.

Ep 4: Rid Negative Influences

Evil spirits are just souls of people with a negative mind who have passed on but can’t find their way back to heaven. Understand what they are and how to protect yourself.

Ep 5: Life After Death

What happens to us all after we pass from this world to the other? Equipping ourselves with this knowledge will help us achieve happiness both in this world and the next.

Ep 6: World Peace

Fifteen years after September 11th, we are still wondering how we can achieve world peace. Can we ever reconcile our differing visions for peace, justice and prosperity?

Ep 7: The Meaning Behind Illness

What if there are reasons aside from the physical reasons for illness? What is the connection or lesson behind illnesses?

Ep 8: God is Never Silent

A macro perspective on life exploring God’s presence amidst the chaos. Can we understand the will of God as people of the planet Earth?